Good People Do Not Need Laws to Tell Them to Act Responsibly, While Bad People Will Find A Way around the Laws (Plato)

This is famous a very famous quote associated to Plato, a Greek philosopher and founder of Academy in Athens. There exists some contradiction on the translation of this quote from original Greek to simple English language. Some people translated the original quote as

“Laws are made to instruct the good, and in the hope that there may be no need of them; also to control the bad, whose hardness of heart will not be hindered from crime.”

It implies that it takes very little to govern good people and much effort is needed to govern the bad people. It further elucidates that good people always abide by the laws, once they are made. While, bad people commit the crime with impunity even in the presence of laws. However, it does not means that laws are useless powerless and good people are wise enough to decide the good and bad on their own.

Let’s discuss the first part of quote that good people don’t need laws. Complete agreement to this quote is near to impossible because;

Morality is not universal. What one person or culture considers moral is not what another might. In the age of globalization, when cross cultural amalgamation is at high pace, some standard laws are much needed. Even, when a good person with high level of morality, moves from one country to another, needs to now the laws of new state. Infect laws save the good people firm unwanted nuisance.

Also there are laws that doesn’t have anything to do with moral good or bad, like traffic laws. The law says everyone should drive on the right side that does not mean that there is a moral judgment in which side of the road you drive on it’s just to standardize driving practices because it is more convenient and safe if everyone drives on the same side.

Laws also guide the good people how to fulfill their responsibilities. In other words, empathy needs to be combined with wisdom to be effective. An empathetic fool may go around trying to help people, but he’ll inevitably make things worse. But once he knows the way he would be more informed and vigilant in his doings. Here come laws which provide the people a full fledge rational for their actions and the consequences.

When it comes to divine laws, there were several acts——-which were forbidden after the advent of Islam——- which were done by good people also. But once they were forbidden, they stopped doing them immediately. Before the revelation of Aya’ah people usually did not ask for permission while entering someone’s home. Although it was not meant to trespass someone’s property but Allah (SWT) considered it against the privacy of people. As result, the divine law bond upon its followers to ask three times for permission while getting in someone’s home. Another glaring example of divine laws is law of marriage. Before the advent of Islam getting married with step-mother (after father’s death) and step sister was a common practice and thus followed by general public as a whole. It was the eternal law of Islam which declared this practice disgusting and had elevated the mothers and sisters in the more honorable way.

Now the point to ponder is how the bad people find a way around the laws. The answer is it is the law enforcement body which is toothless, not the law itself. Laws are nothing more than written words on piece of paper. At the very first place, it is the responsibility of state’s law enforcement agencies (LEA) to enforce the law in its true spirit.

Although it takes much effort to enforce the laws upon infidels and traitor yet laws, however, make it inconvenient for bad people to be bad. The fear of law is always there. Had laws not existed at all, the crime rate would have been much higher. It is the fear of punishment which compels the criminal to commit crime in disguise otherwise the crimes would happen more openly. Thus laws try to control the wrong doers whenever they commit the crime.

Furthermore the violation of divine laws is not easy. The societies following particular religion have strong hold on the implementation of religious laws. If any contradiction arises than social punishment is inevitable which are more excruciating than legal punishments.

Laws whether divine or man-made, always ensure the safety and betterment of mankind. Nevertheless, man-made laws need to be changed with respect to time and circumstances. Laws not only banish the wrong doers but also guide the good people how to fulfill the responsibility. Those who find escape from man-made laws are often taken to the task by the law of nature. Thus escape from the law is near to impossible.


The Secular Extremism

(A new form of extremism, parallel to religious extremism)shaving-islam-620x330

With its beginning from Greece, the term secularism has widely been accepted in more than half of the world. Secularism was born of Christianity and liberalism and de-radicalization are its descendants in the modern world. It provoked the people to live a life according to the principles that are not divine. Religiously obsessed society of Greece, where, even scientific theories were based on the religious hypotheses, found it a panacea to all their sorrows and consider the separation of parliament and religion as a good step. However in the modern world, it only meant to expose the clash between west and radical Islamic world.

Like “over Islamization” the concept of “over secularization” has been generated. Once the secular clergy and religious theology were two separate poles but now it seems that both are two sides of one picture. In ancient times, the secularism was meant to keep the church and parliament aloof. But now it has camouflaged itself as a new form of extremism. Except political issues, it is being meddling in the private life of common people. Should we term this dogma as “secular extremism”? The so- called civilized countries, who always chant the cherish slogans of secularism, liberalism, and human rights are themselves indulging in callous behavior. Such countries have been failed to provide protection to Muslim minorities. France is the glaring example of such case where the Muslim women are not allowed to have the headscarf.

Few days back a sarcastic tragedy has happened. It was hard to digest that in the Muslim majority but secular country, Tajikistan, police have coercively shaved 13000 people’s beard and closed around 170 abaya shops. Moreover, 1700 women were compelled to remove headscarf. Sincerely, snatching a women headscarf in the public place is bitterer than beheading her. Besides this, the secular extremist parliament of the country voted to ban Arabic-sounding “foreign” names as well as marriages between first cousins. This is disgusting and filthy. If secularism really mean freedom and equal human rights, then why are the Muslims not free to practice their life according to their creed? If a man is free to clean his shave, then why is he not free to have the beard? Similarly, if a woman is free to uncover her, then why she is not free to cover herself, especially when she is keen to be covered.

Let say it was done to curb down the religious and de-radicalize the people. But extremism is not just about the costume; rather it’s all about ideology in head. Seriously bread and abaya do not kill the people, weapons do. In World War I and II there were no abaya and beard still countless people were killed. There are many possibilities that a man with white skin, blond hair and cleaned shave may also b a fundamentalist or a terrorist.

All above cases required some solutions on the humanitarian basis. Any person and institution should not be authorized to exploit any religious community in the name of secularism.Secular extremists must be charged with the same penalties as religious extremists are. Last but not the least, security, self-respect, life and property of people must be above than any dogma including secularism.

Problems of Youth in Pakistan

Energy, enthusiasm, vigor and zeal are all intangible notions that describe a person as young. Fresh blood with new ideas and dreams can lead the nations to the heights of sky. Fortunately Pakistan, the sixth largest population of the world has almost 64%population below the age of 29 and 31% between the 15-29 years of age. But unfortunately people at the helm of affairs never pay heed towards this potential asset of country. Youth in Pakistan has always been deprived of proper guidance and counseling, in all spheres.

Right of freedome Youth of pakistan on independence day

Youth in Pakistan can be divided in two categories, first, urban youth and second rural youth. With more than 60% rural population the ratio of rural youth is higher than that of urban . The urban youth has access to middle and higher education and have variety of jobs and profession at their choice. On the other hand rural youth is improvished and doomed mostly deprived of primary education with fewer options of choosing profession and fewer life opportunities. Some long-lasting problems including health, education, counseling, employment etc. faced by today’s Pakistani youth are much complicated.

When comes to education, only provision of education is not the only problem but selection of right kind of education is also important. Parallel systems of education in Pakistan are creating frustration, bewilderment and anxiety among Pakistani youngsters. Young people educated through madreassahs are unable to get in public and private sectors. Furthermore some higher education institutions are only meant for elite and students possessing degrees of such institutes enjoy more reverence in job market, while the rest of students have to face unemployment or under employment.

Health of young people is also at great risk. Although many program for basic health have been introduced yet specific focus on youth health is absent. When the world is suffering from AIDS, hepatitis, thelesemia and other such chronic diseases nothing has been done in Pakistan in this regard. There is dire need of community health centers which could tell the young married and single people about the prevention and cure of such diseases.

Situation of unemployment is crippling. Young men and women having master degree are anxious for respectable job. One of many reasons is gap between industry and academia. Academic institutions never pay heed to find that which type of skills are demanded by the job sector. Furthermore corruption during hiring and mockery of merit are causing disillusionment among young people.

When someone is young he needs guidance, counseling, and directions at various levels. Absence of counseling for career, use of technology, democracy and international trends have left the Pakistani youth in lurch. They are at a fix, which career to opt for and how to use latest technology, both software and hardware, for optimum benefit. For this very reason cyber crime, face book blackmailing and kidnappings are increasing day by day.

Extremism and terrorism have proved themselves as a double edge sword for youth as it is utilizing the young and innocent brain to kill the other young people in schools and mosques. Unemployed and uneducated youth provide a nursery for the terrorist organizations.

Ubiquitous Pakistani youth in every sit in does not mean that youth is a big chunk of population; rather it means that they want change and panacea for their sorrows. In Pakistan the first man who actually realized but negatively exploits the youth is Chief of Pakistan Tehrik Insaaf (PTI) Imran khan. He infuriated the youth to attack on state institution and created mess in front of parliament.

During Pakistan people party( PPP) regime Ministry of Youth Affairs was introduced in 2009 with the motto of “Youth is our future , Youth is our asset”but online information shows no improvement after 2010. Current government of Pakistan have launched Youth loan scheme, skill development program which just a pinch of salt in great sea of youth’s problem.

Pakistan’s National Human Development Report (NHDR) 2015 on youth is to find the answer of following questions.1) how do you empower the youth of today.2) how do you prepare youth for active citizenship tomorrow. 3) How can youth be mobilized to become agents of positive change towards a path of prosperity, peace and human development? If answers of these questions are fond and implemented in true spirit than youth may take an easy sigh.

Development Is a Myth



By the time of the beloved (prophet). Undoubtedly, man is necessarily in loss. But those, who believed and did good deeds and stressed one another to accept truth and counseled one another to be steadfast. (Al-Asar)

Man has touched the heights of moon and other planets. He is trying to control the flow of water and making various kind of energy under his control. With the passage of time man is discovering and inventing new things. A catchy name is given to all such human efforts i.e. development or progress. But point to ponder is, whether it is really development that happening with every passing moment or not. Is the invention of new software, medicines, and war equipment is development.
Despite of all efforts the basic problems of humanity, with all their menace are still there. Hundreds of years ago malaria and chickenpox were untreatable and took countless lives…

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Development Is a Myth


By the time of the beloved (prophet). Undoubtedly, man is necessarily in loss. But those, who believed and did good deeds and stressed one another to accept truth and counseled one another to be steadfast. (Al-Asar)

Man has touched the heights of moon and other planets. He is trying to control the flow of water and making various kind of energy under his control. With the passage of time man is discovering and inventing new things. A catchy name is given to all such human efforts i.e. development or progress. But point to ponder is, whether it is really development that happening with every passing moment or not. Is the invention of new software, medicines, and war equipment is development.
Despite of all efforts the basic problems of humanity, with all their menace are still there. Hundreds of years ago malaria and chickenpox were untreatable and took countless lives. Now more dangerous disease like AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), Hepatitis C and many others are still waiting for cure. Since beginning of epidemic (AIDS), almost 75 million people have been infected with HIV virus and about 36 million people have been died of HIV. Globally, 35.5 million people were livening with HIV at the end of 2012. Is transferring from malaria to Hepatitis called development? Many a new diseases have been developed due to unhealthy trends in human life. One of them is HIV.
In my opinion, this is actually change not development and every change or alteration is not necessarily a progress or development. Even today man is indulged in menace of war and killings. Round about 37 million people were killed in 1st world war (1914-18) and 60 million people were killed in 2nd world war (1939-45). Still thousands of people are being killed in war on terrorism. However, the only change is that in old times there was a face to face encounter with sword and today a whole city or country can be destroyed by pressing a button of highly sophisticated war weapons. Spectacular precedent from history is, attack on Hiroshima (August 6, 1945) and Nagasaki (August 9, 1945) and in contemporary time drone attacks in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine etc. Will it be justified to call this massacre as development?

Mechanized farming, food processing units and factories have been failed to fulfill the starvation of people. Besides this, waste and poison gases of all such activities have become the hazardous for life on the planet and are devastating the ecosystem of land, sea and freshwater. Perhaps a time will arrive when apple of discord between the nations will be oxygen gas. Owing burning of excessive hydrocarbons carbon content is increasing. On the other hand rapid deforestation is reducing the vegetation that is factory of oxygen production.

With so-called development, level of morality has been changed. Now our eyes have been tuned to watch the vulgarity, offense and transgression. Now these things are not taken as evil by the most developed societies. Although it is against the law of nature, yet adultery and homosexual marriages has become right of people. Notwithstanding, propagation of vulgarity in the name of entertainment by the world’s media has become norm of the day. All efforts are only limited to the introduction of new technologies in media industry. It will eventually lead us to moral breakdown.

Although man is bestowed with wisdom, knowledge, intelligence and acumen yet persistent unwise use of all aforementioned qualities is leading him towards loss. Progression in the material things is important but it should not surpass the phenomenon of humanity. In fact, success of humanity is true success of human being. Without peace, equality, justice, morality, and honesty etc. true development is a far cry for moon.